Manufacturer of self-service steam cleaners
for self-service car washes, touch-free car washes and petrol stations.


A new product for touch-free car wash owners and petrol stations

Self-Service steam cleaner serves to wash and disinfect upholstery with steam. It is the first solution on the market which lets drivers and touch-free car wash customers wash their car upholstery on their own and enjoy short drying (due to the use of dry steam cleaning technology).

The self-service upholstery steam cleaner has been designed for touch-free car washes, petrol stations and all other places in which cars park, such as shopping centers and malls. Thanks to investment in the self-service upholstery steam cleaning machine, touch-free car washes and petrol stations can extend the range of their service and attract new customers as well as stand out on the market.


A long-awaited solution for touch-free car wash customers

Self-service upholstery steam washing is very easy and resembles upholstery cleaning with the use of extraction cleaners. The difference is a short drying time, thanks to which your car can be ready for driving shortly after washing. As a rule the entire process takes from a few to a dozen minutes and provides the touch-free car wash customer with benefits – saved time and cash as well as freedom of choice in terms of a time of the day.

Both touch-free car washes and customers have long been waiting for the solution which lets them clean their car comprehensively not only from the outside but also inside. Self-service steam cleaners are the answer to this need and fill the gap in the field of self-service car wash.


Thanks to the self-service steam cleaner, touch-free car wash customers may clean the interior of their car on their own. It is the answer to the needs of both self-service car wash owners and their customers.

The self-service upholstery cleaning machine gives a chance petrol stations and touch-free car washes extend their range of services, win new customers and stand out from the competition on the market

The self-service steam cleaner intended for upholstery cleaning helps you stand out against competitive touch-free car washes which do not have such machine in their offer, and generate additional profits for the car wash owner.