Green Steam – Self Service Steam Car Wash and Vacuum Cleaners

Interior Steam Cleaning Station

Complete Installations

Besides the machines itself, our company offers complete car wash installations that include roofs for weather protection and convenient upholstery cleaning process by the drivers. We do the entire process of planning, a technical project as well as the construction and installation processes. Most common installation of an interior cleaning station includes two self service steam car wash interior cleaning devices, which include upholstery steam cleaning funstions, standard vacuuming functions as well as a tire inflating compressor.

Self Service Steam Cleaning Station

Interior steam cleaning station can service two cars at the same time which allows for a much higher turnover. Investing in a compleate interior steam cleaning station at your self service car wash will make your business stand out from other carwashes which can offer only exterior cleaning service. Self Service Steam Car Wash machines produce only insignificant amounts of wastewater (all of which is collected inside the machines) making it very easy to setup - without any permits.