Green Steam – Self Service Steam Car Wash and Vacuum Cleaners

About Green Steam

Green Steam is the Europe’s largest steam cleaning equipment distributor. We have been providing innovative cleaning devices to car washes, petrol stations, cleaning agencies, hotels, restaurants and industry for over 7 years. We cooperate with top suppliers from all around the world and provide our customers with innovative high-quality equipment which is highly reliable and environmentally friendly. Our flagship, a Self Service Steam Car Wash Vacuum is a revolutionary product, which allows the drivers to clean upholstery in their cars by themselves with a short drying time.


Our target customers

Our Self Service Steam Car Wash machines are intended for self service car washes, automatic car washes and petrol stations, as well as investors who do not have any experience in the business but wish to invest their funds in this market segment. Investment in a Self Service Steam Cleaner provides an opportunity for generating passive income without risk or experience.

A comprehensive knowledge about the market

Thanks to cooperation with hundreds of car washes all over Europe, we have acquired a considerable knowledge of the market which we constantly share with our customers and help them carry their business, win customers and stand out among competitors. Thanks to our customers, we are now Europe's leader in providing the Steam Cleaning solutions.

Service and customer service

Our customers may rely on us both before and after the transaction. Self Service Car Wash devices are subjected to full free-of-charge 24-month warranty. We know how important it is to make sure the device works around the clock and brings profits continously. For this reason we do our utmost to solve all problems immediately.

A wide and detailed range of products and solutions

We provide our customers with complete and detailed solutions related to consultancy, financing, logistic and marketing services. We supply the world’s top-quality equipment, offer professional trainings, help you finance the investment. In our offer you can find highly reliable and functional devices which guarantee effective operation.