Green Steam – Self Service Steam Car Wash and Vacuum Cleaners


Four large touchless car wash stations in Budapest invest in Self Service Steam Car Wash

A large car fleet raises the needs in terms of maintaining the cleanliness of cars and their appearance, which is why the owners of touchless car washes, which care about cooperation with carriers...

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A new car wash in Kamen Pomorski, two-station with a roof.

Thinking about clients who approach each investment in a comprehensive manner, we provide two self-service roofs. We offer you modern and aesthetic forms of light with LED backlight and...

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New installation of our machine in Malbork.

Another possibility to wash upholstery and prepare her for summer this time in Malbork city.

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New machine in Nowy Targ.

Huzar station in Nowy Targ offer our self-service machine.

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